Monday, 13 November 2017

Swimming Reflections

Swimming Fun

I heard the water lapping at the edge of the pool.
I heard noises getting louder as I emerged from under the water.
I heard splashing as people kicked hard.
I saw people along side of me kicking hard as well as pulling their arms hard.
I saw people swimming rapidly.
I saw those who had finished hopping out of the pool.
I felt Blake knocking into me.
I felt the water around me pulling against me like it didn't want me to leave.
I felt tired doing laps.
I wondered would I manage to finish the relay.
I wondered would my team win.
I wondered what will happen tomorrow.

By Liam H

Swimming Fun

I heard humongous splashes.
I heard people shaking loudly. 
I heard me blowing my bubbles.
I wondered if I was going to swim the whole length without a breath.
I wondered if I was going to hurt myself when I dived off the diving board.
I wondered if I could blow my bubbles for so long.
I felt like I would get close to the end of the deep pool.
I felt exhausted.
I felt really worn out at the end of every lesson.

By Sophie


I heard splashing of feet and me rotating my arms side to side.
I felt water on my back.
I was scared.
I wondered if I could make it the whole way. 

By Logan

Swimming Fun

I heard my friends support-ably cheering me on.
I heard loud noisy splashes pounding on my eardrums.
I heard myself breathing heavily after my backstroke.
I saw the bumpy white roof up far, far away.
I saw the red and yellow flags, also the thick white rope.
I saw the clear small drops of water.
I felt my hand hitting the hard stony wall.
I felt my foot hitting the hard grey ladder.
I wondered how far until the long stressful backstroke was over.
I wondered if I's moved to the other lane.
I wondered who was going to win.

By Isla


I heard people's feet splashing like raindrops touching the ground.
I saw people doing dolphin diving like dolphins.
I felt excited when I was going to wear the flippers.
I thought I was going to swim like a fish.
I wondered was I going to jump in like a dolphin.
I heard people laughing like they were having a fun time.
I saw people getting out of their school clothes. 
I felt the water touching me as I was soaring through the water.
I wondered could I make it to the end of the pool.
I heard Room One talking to each other like chatter boxes.
I saw all the teachers teaching the swimmers.
I felt the flippers on my feet like duck's feet.
I wondered if I could be the first girl changed.

By Rose

Swimming Fun

I heard people laughing.
I heard Molly.
I heard kicking flippers.
I felt water moving using the flippers.
I felt me accidentally banging someones legs.
I felt cold.
I saw clear water.
I saw Rose. 

By Katie


I heard the loud bulgy splashing along with the noisy and rapid speaking. 
I could hear the rock heavy panting of everyone else.
I saw the lightly coloured tiles being lit up by the powerful lights.
Racing beside me was the bright land rope glimmering and dancing on top of the water.
On top of me was the water just covering me like a soft blanket.
I felt the water as well, just smooth and comforting me.
I also felt my googles tightly grasping my head.
The last thing I felt was the rough titles on the bottom of the pool and looked behind me and wondered if Isaac would beat me... When will I finish?...Will I hit the hard wall?...

By Tom

Swimming Fun

I heard the teacher singing, now we are doing backstroke.
I heard the teacher cheering.
I heard waves splashing.
I saw people swimming.
I saw waves crashinig.
I saw people sitting.
I felt proud.
I felt like I was going too big holding my breath.
I felt slimy water on me.

By Molly

A Moment in Time

I walked towards the cold looking pool, I climbed over the barrier and jumped in.
I felt the water soak into my skin.
I swam down to the other side of the pool.
I saw and heard the other kids splashing in.
I felt warmer as I got used to the unusual feeling of water.
I saw the teacher telling us to do streamline.
I wondered if I would make it.
Finally my body allowed me to jump.
I was almost finished, my lungs were screaming for me to breathe.
I saw the end of the pool.
I stood up body aching as I breathed heavily.

By Michael

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

'Fair' - ly busy in Room 9

Today I choose joy

Room 9 is well into their preparations for the Twilight Fair on the 24th of November. 
(look forward to seeing you there ;P)

Room 9 will be selling packs of Cards show casing three pieces of our wonderful art we have created this year. (Reindeer, Hand prints & Doves) 

We will also be selling a limited number of mini canvas we have painted with inspirational quotes written on them. These are one of a kind as you can see from the photo. We are very proud of our products and can't wait to showcase them at the fair. (Make the Sheppard Team table your first stop, so you don't miss out!)

Monday, 6 November 2017

Getting prepared for the Twilight Fair.

Can we persuade you...

Here is some of Room 9's quick writes focusing on persuasive arguments

Should students be able to choose their teacher?

I think students should choose their teachers because, firstly some teachers suit you better than others. 

Secondly you could choose a class with not all of your friends.

Thirdly, you can choose a class with none of your friends that gives you an opportunity to make new friends.

By Michael

Should students be able to choose their teacher?

I think students should be able to choose their teacher. 

Firstly the teacher might not fit the students learning style, everybody learns differently.

Secondly of you get along, won't you be more willing to learn if you aren't being told off all the time and you'll be in a better mood . Plus when you are in a good mood you learn more. 

Thirdly, don't you like to have what you want to happen. This way you can pick who you want to teach you. 

For these reasons I strongly feel that students should be able to pick their own teacher.

By Liam H

Should students be able to choose their teacher?

I think we should not choose our teachers.

Firstly you might choose a classroom that your friend is in and you might be silly.

Secondly there might be too many people in the class.

Thirdly, you could not listen in your class because you could talk when the teacher is talking. 

For these reasons I think you shouldn't choose your own classroom teacher.

By Sophie

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Frankenstein Buddies

On Halloween Room 9 created some Frankenstein Buddies. We used a directed drawing technique and drew our buddies step by step, we then used water colours to bring our buddies to life. They all look very unique and once cut out will be a fabulous addition to our classroom walls.